CAES Student Support Services


These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we are asked, which may help you find the information you need.


Please consult with either your Academic Development Officer (ADO) or your respective programme co-ordinator or academic leader.

  • Mr Ashwin Manival  |  PMB (SAEES, SCP), WVL (SAEES)  |  033 260 5026  |
  • Dr Dalia Varghese  |  WVL (SMSCS)  |  031 260 8392  |
  • Mr Godfrey Marumure  |  HC (SENG, SMSCS, SCP, SAEES)  |  031 260 2781  |
  • Mrs Nozipho Hlalukane  |  PMB (SMSCS, SLS, SENG), WVL (SCP)  |  033 260 6396  |
  • Ms Nyameka Diko  |  WVL (SLS)  |  031 260 8747  |

Please consult with the College office:

Howard College

  • Ms Kagiso Molekwa  |  Assistant Academic Admin Officer  |  031 260 8038  |  |  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building
  • Mrs Niloshnee Govender  |  Academic Admin Officer (Undergrad)  |  031 260 7873  |  |  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building
  • Ms Nokuthula Ngcobo  |  Academic Admin Officer (Undergrad)  |  031 260 1220  |  |  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building



  • Ms Jabulile Gama  |  (Acting) Principal Academic Admin Officer  |  033 260 5195  |  |  Ground Floor, Admin Building, Main Campus
  • Mrs Tracy Govender  |  College Manager: Academic Services Manager  |  031 260 7434  |  |  First Floor, Admin Building, Main Campus
  • Ms Yeki Molly Gasela  |  Academic Admin Officer (Undergrad & Honours)  |  033 260 6116  |  |  Ground Floor, Admin Building, Main Campus



  • Mr Bonga Maphanga  |  Academic Admin Officer  |  031 260 7979  |  |  Third Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Ms Boniwe Nkosi  |  Academic Admin Officer  |  031 260 8847  |  |  Third Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Ms Dudu Luthuli |  Academic Admin Officer  |  031 260 7146  |  |  Third Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Ms Samantha Govender  |  Academic Admin Officer  |  031 260 2439  |  |  Third Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Mrs Tracy Govender  |  College Manager: Academic Services Manager  |  031 260 7434  |  |  Third Floor, OR Tambo Building

As part of this registration process, you will be directed to complete the revised Learning Enhancement Checklist (LECR) either when you register or before registration closes. The process of completing the online Learning Enhancement Checklist Revised (LECR) will assist you in identifying obstacles to your academic progress by reflecting on key issues so that you can get back to good academic standing.  You will need a computer/device/laptop with internet access.

  • Go to to complete the compulsory checklist online even if you have completed it in the past.
  • Use your LAN login details (your username and password)/or PIN from ICS and for access to Zoom:
  • Once you have completed the LECR online and have your LECR report, please join an online group feedback session with a Student Counsellor who will assist you with your action plan
  • These compulsory online group feedback sessions will take place on the Zoom platform at scheduled times until registration closes.
  • Please go to to find the zoom links for the available online meetings for your campus. Please join only one group feedback session.
  • You do not need to attend an individual counselling session if you have attended a group feedback session.
  • There will be a maximum of 30 students per online group feedback on a first-come-first-served basis. If you miss a session, please go to another session later in the day or on another day.

As part of compulsory academic monitoring and support, all students who are academically ‘at risk’ must complete the revised Learning Enhancement Checklist (LECR) online  and attend a group feedback session with a counsellor.  Together with the counsellor, possible threats to your academic success can be identified and addressed. 

Often students are unaware of what could be disrupting their studies, and require counselling to unpack some of these barriers and help you to find your strengths. Our experience has been that students who seek help timeously have a much better chance of passing.

Personal/ Psychological

The role of Student Support Services (SSS) in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (CAES) is to provide counselling to students who are having personal and/or academic difficulties or who wish to improve their academic performance and increase their self-knowledge and wellbeing.  The kinds of issues that students usually seek help with range from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief, unplanned pregnancy, and stress to adjustment difficulties, study skills, time management, relationship and family problems, exam preparation as well difficulties choosing a career.

SSS provides life skills training to groups on topics such as time management, study skills, learning styles, career decision making, managing stress, and exam preparation.  Training to student groups such as class rep training and leadership training amongst others is also offered. SSS also offers career assessments and counselling as well as other kinds of psychological assessments. 

>> CAES Student Support Services – English 

>> CAES Student Support Services – isiZulu 

Staff consists of professionally trained Counselling, and Educational Psychologists (Counsellors) across the 3 campuses (Wvl, HC, Pmb and Cedara), Intern Psychologists, Student Development Officers and Administrative Staff committed to the highest ethical standards.

>> Meet the team

  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Academic Risk assessments
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Crisis Management
  • Career Assessments
  • Group Work/ therapy
  • Lifeskills Workshops eg: stress, time management, career decision-making
  • Study –Skills development
  • Learning Enhancement checklist revised (LECR)

>> Read more about our services

  • WVL, HC and PMB: 08:00-16:30 during weekdays. We are not open during weekends and on public holidays.
  • Cedara: Fridays from 09:00 to 16:00

The service is voluntary and there is no cost to current UKZN students. Career assessments for prospective students not registered at UKZN incur a cost (currently R2500) 

Our appointments are booked electronically using our booking system. To book an appointment with your relevant counsellor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Register online and create a profile (you only need to do this once and you can update it when necessary if your details change)
  3. Choose your relevant campus
  4. Then select the counsellor you would like to consult with
  5. You will then be directed to the relevant diary of your selected counsellor
  6. You must then choose an available 30 or 60 minute appointment time which you will be able to attend
  7. You will also need to choose whether you would prefer to be seen online via zoom (teletherapy) or in person (face to face in the counsellor’s office)
  8. Once your booking request is approved by a Counsellor, you will receive confirmation of your appointment
  9. You will then need to read and sign the intake and consent form online (you only need to do this once). You will not be able to attend counselling if you have not signed this form as it has important terms and conditions which you need to acknowledge.
  10. You will receive reminders about your appointment by email. If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it online in advance. Failure to arrive for your appointment will result in you appearing as a “no show” and will not reflect well on you. Counsellors will only wait online or in person for you for a maximum of 10 minutes. Should you arrive later than 10 minutes after the start of your scheduled appointment, you will not be seen and will have to make another booking.

In the unlikely event that you cannot make a booking online, students can also schedule appointments either with the helpdesk by email, phone or in person

Helpdesk contacts are as follows: Toll free line 0800 800 017 (option 3) or  031 260 7572 or email

Emails and phone calls are not attended to outside of office hours. In case of an emergency, please contact (also see below community resources):

  • PMB RMS: 033 260 5211
  • WVL RMS: 031 260 7133
  • HC RMS: 031 260 2540

You can also connect with us on

The Student Counsellor is not allowed to reveal issues discussed during your sessions without your verbal or written informed consent to do so. All our Student Counsellors are bound by the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s ethic of confidentiality which must adhered to at all times during counselling/therapy sessions.  Confidentiality will only be broken if it is assessed that there is a threat to yourself, others or if it is required by law.

Yes, when booking an appointment you can request to see an isiZulu speaking counsellor. Currently these counsellors are:


  • Ms Nqobile Kweyama | Student Counsellor / Educational Psychologist | 031 260 1594 | | Desmond Clarence building, 3rd Floor, Room 344


  • Ms Ronelle Msomi | Student Counsellor / Counselling Psychologist | 031 260 7158 | | Rm 16, 4th floor, OR  Tambo
  • Ms Vuyelwa Dladla | Intern Counselling Psychologist | 031 260 7056 | | Rm 10, 4th floor, OR Tambo

Depending on the nature of the problem, try and convince your friend to seek help from either Student Support, the clinic or RMS or another trusted person.  If possible, escort your friend to Student Support Offices and explain to the helpdesk that this is an urgent case. If you feel like your friend is a threat to themselves or others, please consult with Student support immediately. Students in crisis are prioritised and seen immediately.

Unfortunately, not as there is already a very high demand for our services from students. UKZN has an employee wellness programme where staff can access free counselling or consult the list above for community resources: UKZN ICAS Toll Free line: 0800 254 255 | UKZN ICAS on the Go App code: UKZ001

If you require assistance after hours (between 16h30-08h00 or on weekends or public holidays) please contact either of these departments:

RMS (24 hours):

  • PMB – 033 260 5211
  • WVL – 031 260 7133
  • HC – 031 260 3777


  • South African Depression & Anxiety Group | 0800 567 567 
  • 24 hour Suicide Helpline | 0800 123 314
  • National Health – University Students – Crisis Line | 0800 363 636                   
  • Lifeline | 0861 322 322
  • Rape Crisis | 0860 287 223
  • Thuthuzela Care Centre | 033 395 4325/031 459 6000          
  • Akeso Psychiatric Clinic | 087 098 0454                     
  • Alcohol & Drug addiction | (031) 301 4959
  • AL-Anon (Durban Central) | (031) 304 1826/0861 252  666
  • AA (Durban Central) | 086 143 5722
  • GBV Toll-free helpline | 0800 150 150

1. Academic matters include, but not limited to matters relating to lectures and lecturers, assessment, plagiarism, cheating, requests/submissions of special requests (e.g. need to miss academic activity due to personal circumstances or university obligations, such as participation in sport competitions for UKZN.

2. Copying and plagiarism are treated very seriously and we will strictly follow the university policy in all cases where plagiarism or copying are identified, which may result in disciplinary action or forfeiting marks. Offences are also noted permanently on your academic record.

3. Mark changes/corrections to exams, tests and practicals will only be considered within one week of the results having been released to you. It is your responsibility to check your marks regularly on Student Central. We will not consider any late requests for mark changes or corrections.

4. Medical certificates must be submitted (only to the CTO office of the School) within one week of the missed practical or test, students admitted to medical facilities need to submit a medical certificate on the first day after being discharged. All medical certificates will be confirmed for authenticity (see below).

5. Receiving fraudulent medical certificates and other reports will be forwarded to the university proctor for disciplinary action. This is considered a serious offence requiring university action.

6. The protocol refers only to student grievances. Issues relating to administration matters, such as incorrect mark capturing, class mark, DP, etc., should be directed as advised by the particular lecturer concerned.

7. For contact details of individuals/sections indicated in the procedure, please consult our CTO staff/offices.


Please consult your relevant financial aid advisors:


  • Mr Gerald Naicker | Financial Aid Advisor | 031- 260 7064 | | 1st floor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building
  • Ms Linda Mdunge | Financial Aid Advisor | 031- 260 1502 | | 1st floor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building


  • Ms Marcia Ntamote | Financial Aid Advisor | 033 – 260 6145 | | Ground Floor, Admin Building, Main Campus
  • Mrs Heather Singh  | Financial Aid Advisor  | 033- 260 5837 | | Ground Floor, Admin Building, Main Campus


  • Mrs Nonkululeko Ngcongo | Sen. Financial Aid Advisor | 031- 260 8753 | | 2nd Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Mr Mbongiseni (Eric) Mkhize | Financial Aid Advisor | 031 – 260 8779 | |  2nd Floor, Oliver Tambo
  • Ms Lindiwe Mdondolo | Financial Aid Advisor | 031- 260 1488 | | 2nd Floor, Oliver Tambo

RMS (24 hours):

  • PMB – 033 260 5211
  • WVL – 031 260 7133
  • HC – 031 260 3777