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Career development services

Career Development Officer

Mr Sbusiso Hlongwa

031 260 2064

Through our career development services, we hope to equip students with the skills, tools and resources needed to enter the workforce

Cover letter/ CV writing tools

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By watching this video and downloading the resources below, you will learn how to put together a cover letter and CV that will get you an interview.

Interview and presentation skills resources

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking if you are not comfortable with ‘selling’ yourself. You may even be questioning if you should go to the interview or not. But believe it or not, being skilled in interviews is something you can learn! This handbook provides insight into the types of interviews you can expect and some handy tips on how to answer behavioural based types of questions.

Results from an independent survey of leading employers in South Africa shows that these organisations are set to recruit record numbers of graduates in 2020.  The suddenness of the Coronavirus crisis and the widespread economic turmoil that it has already created will lead to considerable change in the graduate job market, as employers – large and small – re-evaluate their recruitment needs.

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Career assessment tools

Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS)

The Keirsey Assessments are one of the most widely utilised temperament and personality assessments in the world. This questionnaire is a behavioural analysis tool that can be used to identify learning styles and promote team building.

Follow the steps below to take the test and find out your results.

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Step 1 - Visit the KTS website

Visit the Strategic Action website to take the Kiersey Temperament Test. It only works in the following browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Step 2 - Take the test and record your results

Answer all 70 questions in the questionnaire, then click “Get Results” and make a note of it. The results will appear in a combination of the following letters: E, I, S, N, T, F, J, P

Step 3 - Interpret your results

The results of your test will indicate that you will fall in one of four temperaments: Artisans, Guardians, Rationals and Idealists. Each of these temperaments can be further subdivided into four personality types. Download the personality types below that are relevant to your results. 

Do you need help choosing a career?

We have developed these resources to help you see the career path that our qualifications can set you on.