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Coronavirus support

We are here to support you

Our staff have put together these resources to assist students and staff who are experiencing mental health issues during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our resources represent a valiant effort to connect with students to bolster resilience in the face of this pandemic. 

Our staff will be providing telepsychology services, which involves remote consultation with patients using telephonic or virtual platforms. Students can email staff for individual counselling appointments or book online appointments, with counselling being done via skype or telephone.

Online life skills workshops

We are running a series of life skills workshops ranging from maintaining relationships, time management and more.

Online support groups

We are running a series of support groups that will help you cope with the stress of lock down.

Mental health during lockdown

During this time you may have feelings of anxiety, grief, anger and depression. Our resources unpack these feelings and provide possible coping strategies and skills to better manage these uncomfortable feelings. Our staff produced these resources from their homes whilst in lockdown and without access to recording studios or editing software normally available at the university. This required us to develop new skills which speaks to our never-ending commitment to student wellness.

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If you are in crisis or you think you may have an emergency, call your doctor or report to your nearest hospital immediately. UKZN Risk Management Services is available to 24 hours and will direct you appropriately. They can be contacted on:

  • Pietermaritzburg campus: 033 260 5211
  • Westville campus: 031 260 7133
  • Howard College campus: 031 260 2540

You may also contact: Lifeline on 0861 322 322 or Sadag on 011 234 4837

If you are having suicidal thoughts, you may also call the Sadag suicide crisis line on 0800 567 567

CAES SSS is available for consultation for registered students in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science during office hours by appointment on or email

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