AES Support

Student support sevices

Individual-focused services

Individual Counselling
and Psychotherapy 

This includes either a 30 minute or 60 minute one-on-one therapeutic session with a trained psychologist. Some common issues that issues face are: adjustment difficulties, relationship problems etc.

Academic Risk

These assessments are done via the Learning Enhancement Checklist (LEC), which helps identify psychological, academic and social challenges that are affecting the students’ ability to cope their studies. 


This involves personality, neurological, career and cognitive assessments, that help in supplementing the psychologists understanding of the client and providing the best intervention. 


A crisis is defined as someone who a threat to themselves/ others or is deemed to be in danger/ severe distress. Students who find themselves in a crisis situation after hours, can seek help from RMS.


Students who require study skill development (i.e. learning styles, time management, note taking, exam preparation etc.), should book a counselling session with the relevant counsellor, to seek intervention. 

Academic Monitoring
and Support 

Using the Learning Enhancement Checklist (LEC), we promote: self-awareness, personal-responsibility and self-efficacy for academic success. It increases retention and offers support to at risk students.


We offer remote consultation with patients using telephonic or virtual platforms of consultation. Our services are offered via secure and encrypted methods of communication.

  • Toll free counselling line
  • Mon - Fri | 8:00 - 16:30
| 0800 800 017 (follow prompts)

Group-focused services

Support groups

Currently, there is a student mother’s support group which is offered on the PMB campus and takes place on a Friday from in the Frank Bush Room.

During the 2nd semester 2018, there will be a rape support group on the PMB campus (date, times and venues to be confirmed).

Other support groups are offered by request and will be publicised on our Facebook page and the notice system.


Life skills workshops are offered on topics such as: time management, stress management, career decision making, relationships, exam preparation, note taking etc.

 These workshops are offered on a needs basis, to groups of students who have made a request for the workshop to take place.

If you have such a request, please send an email to: – we require 2 weeks  notice


Training is also offered to student and staff groups, on a needs basis.

We currently provide training in a range of areas, such as: basic helping skills, and crisis management and we train all class representatives in leadership and development.

If you have such a request, please send an email to: – we require 2 weeks  notice

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