CAES Student Support Services

LEC® Assessment​

All students in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (CAES) with negative term decisions such as Risk1, Risk2, PROB or FPRR are required to complete an LEC® (Learning Enhancement Checklist Revised) assessment​ and attend a group feedback session with the Student Support Services (SSS) section. 

LEC® Assessment

This process begins by means of the online LEC® Assessment which will be available for you to complete online until 16:00 on 4 August 2023 via (this should take no more than 15 minutes.) 

It is compulsory for all at risk CAES students to do the LEC® assessment online and attend an online group feedback session even if you did it previously. Failure to complete the LEC® assessment and attend a group feedback session will result in you being deregistered after 4 August 2023

Group Feedback Session

Once you have completed your LECR online assessment, you will then need to take part in one 60-minute group feedback session online via Zoom. These sessions will take place from 14 July 2023 until 4 August 2023 on weekdays during office hours on a first come first served basis as the maximum group size is 30.

You can check the group feedback information (below) for the available online group feedback times and dates for your campus, as well as the zoom meeting link details and then join an online zoom session. Note that you do not need to attend an individual counselling session if you have attended a group feedback session.

Note: Only the first thirty students will be allowed into the session so if you miss that one, please go to another session later in the day or on another day. We suggest that you try to do your  LEC ® assessment and group feedback session as soon as possible once you have received your results. 

Once you have done the LEC® Assessment online and attended a group feedback session online, your registration will be confirmed provided you have no other registration holds (e.g. financial or academic holds). Please note that although you will initially be allowed to continue with the registration process even if you have not completed the LEC® Assessment online and attended a group feedback session online you MUST ensure that you have completed the process by the latest 16h00 on 4 August 2023 to avoid being deregistered.

For any queries, please contact your CAES Student Counsellors via the toll-free line 0800 800 017 during office hours or e-mail Please note that this email address provided is for queries related to the LEC® Assessment online, the group feedback sessions or general enquiries about counselling services. We will not be able to respond to registration, financial aid, curriculum change/advice or accommodation queries and you should direct any such queries to the appropriate offices.